Organic Honey Crystals

USDA Organic Certified Ingredients

Mama Healthy® Organic Honey Crystals is a dried organic honey sugar sweetener that provides you with all the benefits of a healthy natural dry sweetener with a taste of honey that is not sticky and does not leave an aftertaste in your mouth.

It replaces sugar 1:1 (sugar substitute) and it contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives...completely natural and organic.

Organic Honey Crystals 6 Pack
Organic Honey Flavored Sweetener Dry Free Flowing Non-Sticky
Mama Healthy Honey Crystals made with natural organic honey! Substitute for sugar and add a...
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Honey Sachets Dry Crystals for Coffee Tea On the Go Box of Individual Packs
Convenient dry honey crystals on-the-go!  Box of 1000 individual packs of our natural healthy...
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Honey Sugar Natural Sweetener Bulk 50lb Bag
Mama Healthy Honey Crystals is a natural sweetener ingredient used in food processing to substitute...
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Organic Natural Dry Honey Sweetener
Mama Healthy Honey Crystals sweetener ingredient is made of natural organic honey. It is easy to...


I bake my bread and cookies because I've had allergies to preservatives and gluten most of my life. When I bake, I replace a lot of the recipe ingredients with healthy anything that can substitute  honey sugar easily makes my life much easier when I am mixing, because I don't have to be calculating how much I need to use. If the recipe requires 1 cup of sugar, I just replace it with 1 cup of honey crystals and that's it"
- Lora. Kaprinsky New Haven, CT     

Honey Crystals is a certified organic sweetener made with organic cane juice and organic honey.  It is very convenient to use with any recipes that requires some sort of sweetener because it simply substitutes sugar 1 to 1 while ensuring that you get all the benefits of a dry organic sweetener.

Even Babies like Honey Crystals Video

"I have been using your honey crystals in my tea, oatmeal, and for baking since my sister made cookies with honey crystals for my daughter's 1st birthday party...they were delicious. Ever since I got honey crystals in the bottle, my daughter plays with it rolling it back and when she turned 1, she was very happy to see that her oatmeal now had honey crystals... just like her Mommy's!"


Sweet Honey Taste without the Stickiness

Honey Crystals organic healthy sweetener is sweet, dry, and non-sticky. It just pours freely giving your food recipes and beverages a delicious taste of organic honey and the sweetness of sugar without the artificial flavors or preservatives.

Honey Crystals sweetener is used by many dry food ingredient manufacturers instead of honey sugar mixtures. When you use Honey Crystals you get a honey flavor without the stickiness of honey. Mama Healthy® Honey Crystals are carefully formulated to add honey flavor, substitute sugar and are easier to process, handle, store, and pour than organic honey.

Honey Crystals is a natural sweetener that enhances recipes with the taste of organic honey without altering the water content or consistency of the your existing recipe or formulation. You can use Organic Honey Crystals in your dry ingredient mixing and processing of foods and beverages mixes.

Easy to Store and Mix  into your Honey Recipes

You can use Honey Crystals in your recipes instead of using sugar. Also, you can easily store them because they will not crystallize like organic honey.  They are not sticky are easy to pour and they substitute regular sugar, natural sugar, brown sugar, or organic sugar 1 to 1.

Substitute sugar by replacing one cup of sugar with one cup of Organic Honey Crystals.

Just Healthy Sweetness...

Mama Healthy® Honey Crystals is a certified organic sweetener that is a healthy sugar alternative as it has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


“I really didn't know that artificial sugar is bad for you. After talking to my doctor, I made a plan to lose weight and cut down on artificial sweeteners...but I really needed something for my coffee. My co-worker recommended that I try honey crystals...I really liked the sweet honey flavor and now I take it to work everyday for use with my daily dose of coffee every morning. At least, I know that it is healthy"
   -S. Brown Baton Rouge, LA

Common Uses of Honey Crystals Sweetener

Honey Crystals are used in a variety of food, drinks, and honey sugar recipes including:

  • Coffee and Tea and Energy Drinks
  • Milk Shakes and Smoothies
  • Breakfast Cereals, such as honey crisp, oatmeal honey banana
  • Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and Desserts; honey cake, honey sugar cookies, honey walnut
  • Bread, Rolls, Puddings; honey wheat bread, honey cinnamon rolls, honey pudding
  • Coatings and Glazes; honey sweets, honey almonds, honey pecans, honey ham
  • Salad Dressings; honey mustard
  • Dessert Garnishes; sprinkle honey crystals on your favorite dessert a hint of honey flavor and delightful presentation. Garnish with honey crystals instead of confectioners' sugar for a healthy sweetener alternative.
  • Spice Mixes and Seasoning Rubs; This natural organic honey sweetener is also as gourmet ingredient for spice mixes and seasoning blends.

Honey Crystals also add a hint of honey sweetness to your seasoning blends and recipes such as honey chicken.


Use Honey Crystals in your Face Scrubs to Exfoliate

Use Mama Healthy® Honey crystals instead of sugar in your face scrubs to exfoliate your skin's dead cells and reveal beautiful skin. It will replenish your skin because when you add Honey Crystals to your scrub, you get both the benefits of organic honey and the scrubbing crystals of sugar in one.


Nutrition Facts for Organic Honey Crystals